Biden Isn’t Going To Apologize For The Terrible Afghanistan Exit


Since Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, where millions of dollars worth of military equipment were left behind, a frantic effort by Americans to evacuate Afghan citizens and Afghan refugees from the country, and a bombing that claimed the lives of 13 U.S. soldiers, Joe Biden has had his approval ratings plummet.

He doubled his efforts when Afghanistan was mentioned during Wednesday’s press conference.

“There was no easy way out of Afghanistan after twenty years.” Not possible,” Biden insisted. “And I don’t apologize for what I did.”

He said, “I have a great concern about the women and men who were attacked by terrorists at the airport.”

Does he make no apologies? Really? Biden failed repeatedly to show the compassion and empathy that he claimed would be synonymous in his administration’s aftermath of Afghanistan’s fall. He made a joke about Americans who might have been left behind in Afghanistan following the withdrawal deadline. He was apparently looking at his watch during the solemn transfer ceremony at Dover Air Force Base.

He has nothing to be ashamed of.