BLM is Losing Popularity


The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), previously ruled that Black Lives Matter (BLM), “movement” wasn’t partisan. This allowed employees of the government to support it at work, without violating office rules against the partisan activity.

Even at its height, this was absurd. Remember the BLM supporters, many of whom were bored college students — looting, rioting, and burning major cities with profane and hyper-partisan signage? These were not Republicans or libertarians.

A new poll by a left-leaning group called Civiqs shows how wrong the OSC is.

According to the survey, 85% of Democrats support BLM while only 4% of them oppose it. However, 87% of Republicans are against BLM and 3% of Republicans support it.

Pollsters also found that BLM support among independents has declined steadily since George Floyd’s passing when it was at its highest point. This is below the opposition. It is now supported by only 37% of independents. BLM approval has fallen to 47% overall.

Republican support has never reached 10% while Democrats’ opposition has never been above 3%. Independent support has fallen to its lowest level since its peak of 51% 18 months ago.

A third divide is based upon gender.

BLM is supported by 36% of men, and the majority of them dislike it. However, the numbers for women are different: 51% support the group and 36% oppose it. This may not be surprising, considering that single women are the backbone of the Democrat party today.

Age is a factor. It’s not surprising that people younger than those of older age support BLM more. Racially speaking, BLM is supported by more than 4/5 black Americans, and 53% of white Americans are against it.

All of this is a sign that a very partisan movement has reached its nadir.

BLM, even if it is weaker, remains a powerful force for Democrats, particularly in urban areas. However, by eliminating independents because of their radicalism, “organizers” can no longer legitimately claim that a majority of Americans support the movement. In fact, the steady decline in support is alarming and telling.

BLM is too often led by antisemites, engages threats to violence, and appeals to those instigating mass killing.