Cleveland Browns Player Walks Naked Through A Park


Malik McDowell, a Cleveland Browns player, went on a naked walk in Florida on Monday. He was still naked when he entered Deerfield Park’s learning center. McDowell’s nude romp escalated when he attacked a police officer. He was then tased, and forced to the ground. His wrists and ankles were also cuffed.

A lot of it was captured on video, for better or worse.

McDowell was also charged with resisting arrest and aggravated battery against an officer.

The naked saunter was captured on multiple cameras, from different angles, even from passing drivers. Some videos and photos show the naked defensive lineman enjoying a moment of laughter while being surrounded by cops. Then they took him to a stretcher and carried him away.

McDowell isn’t the first to get into trouble with the law. However, this appears to be his first naked encounter. McDowell was previously arrested for DUI and fighting with police in Michigan. He tried to grab the gun of a police officer and was held in Michigan for 66 days.

McDowell was seen in a video being dressed and acting normally at the gym, an hour before his naked mosey.

McDowell has not been charged by police with using drugs. However, McDowell’s lawyer suggested that McDowell could have been smuggled something.

McDowell was originally signed by the Cleveland Browns to play in this season’s playoffs. He is now an unrestricted free agent. McDowell was addressed by the Browns in a statement.

McDowell was released on Tuesday under $27,000 bail. McDowell was dressed and unmasked as he walked out of police custody.