DC Mayor Decides to Lift Indoor Mandate


Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel bowser looked around her kingdom and determined that her subjects were able to safely move about freely and enter the indoors without any cloth.

This decision was made without using any scientific knowledge known to mankind.

Other nearby cities had removed the requirement for cloth facial coverings several months ago. Before removing the masks, they had established carefully thought-out benchmarks. These included the number of new infections, the vaccination rate, severe illness cases, and so on.

Madame Bowser is not one of them. She finally decided to lift the mandate and grant her subjects freedom from the uncomfortable, strangling coverings through a secretive and opaque process.

It’s easy to argue that the mask mandate saved many lives. It’s something politicians and public health officials do all the time, even if the evidence is not there, such as in this case.

However, the poor school children still don’t have a chance to get a break.

Even if coherent policies were developed by the government that reflects the realities of the situation, it wouldn’t be a help to Bowser’s subjects.

Last summer, the mayor was caught wearing a mask at a wedding reception. This is a classic case of mask hypocrisy. Her office blamed the “conservative media” and said that she removed the mask only when eating or drinking.

This is a brazen, outright lie.

Robby Soave says that Americans will always face some COVID-19 risk. If someone is especially vulnerable, they can reduce the risk by being vaccinated or practicing common sense behavior.

Soave writes that “It’s not the government’s responsibility to assign the right level of risk to every American. And local officials such as Bowser shouldn’t get to reimpose mandates for masks just because it feels good.”

This smacks of authoritarianism.