DHS Possibly Just Complicated The Supply Chain Crisis Even More


The Department of Homeland Security announced COVID-19 vaccination requirements for non-U.S. travelers who arrive in the country via land ports and ferry terminals. These requirements apply to both essential and non-essential travelers and will take effect on Saturday.

Although this might seem fair and reasonable, it will make American life more difficult and worsen the supply-chain crisis.

These regulations constitute the second phase. The first phase went into effect in November. The first phase allowed travelers not essentially vaccinated to travel to the United States via land ports or ferry terminals.

The new regulations are even more dangerous as many truckers from across the border will be unable to enter the country because they refuse to take the shot.

Truck News in October warned of the possible devastating consequences these new requirements could have for Canadian truckers.

Canada’s trucking industry has suffered from driver shortages for a long time. Companies may lose more drivers if they increase their vaccination rates.

But, if vaccines become mandatory, he worries that Canada could be left with a shortage of nearly 15,000 truck drivers, based on the vaccination rates for the general population.

An already stressed supply chain can’t handle more problems. Continual federal government interference in the supply chain will only make things worse.

The Biden administration has demonstrated that they don’t care about the supply chain crisis. The only thing that matters is their COVID Zero Narrative(TM), a ridiculous pipedream.

This is something voters need to keep in mind when voting for November or 2024.