Guess Who the Biden Administration is Blaming for the Border Crisis?


According to Ron Klain, President Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff, the border crisis is Congress’ fault for failing to give the Biden Administration “more resources”

Klain, the true power behind the throne according to some sources, admitted to George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that “we need more work at the borders” and reminded viewers “the president sent an immigrant plan to Congress his first day in office.”

Klain stated, “We have asked repeatedly for more resources.”

Is the White House forgetting that Congress is still controlled by their party? Is today’s blame game just a rehearsal for next year when Republicans will likely take control of Congress?

Or is it just a hapless Administration trying to manage a poll-crushing crisis it created?  The border was not among the many crises Biden “inherited”, on Day One.

DHS reported in March last year that illegal border crossings were on the verge of reaching their highest point in 20 years, just two months after Biden assumed (and I do not mean “took”) office.

The White House stated at the time that the huge surge was only a “seasonal” phenomenon — there’s nothing to see, just move on. Lora Ries, a Heritage Foundation homeland security researcher, told a different story.

It is not a seasonal trend as we see right now if you look at the numbers. In November 2020, 69,000 illegal aliens had been apprehended, while in February this year, more than 100,000 were arrested. This number is expected to rise to more than 120,000 in March.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, (FAIR) says 2021 was worse than 2021 in general. U.S. Customs and Border Protection encountered 1.74 Million illegal aliens during FY 2021. This is up roughly 380% from the 458,088 encountered during FY 2020. [5] Apprehensions were stable at 75,000 per month during Donald Trump’s last three months in office. However, they soared after Biden assumed office. However, the number of apprehensions rose by more than 120 percent during the first two months under Biden.

This is a shameful increase in apprehensions, which are up 120% while illegal crossings are up 380%. Fox News and other pollsters found that Biden had 37% approval and 58% disapproval regarding his handling of the border crisis.

FAIR stated, “In a world of hyper-partisanship it’s almost remarkable that the Biden administration managed to do something so badly that the vast majority of Americans are now united against them on this issue.”

What happened then?

Biden initiated a Day One War on Sensible Immigration Controls, just like Biden’s Day One War on Domestic Energy Production.

Biden was the first to act in his new office. He suspended (and then permanently rescinded) President Donald Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” policy. This policy required asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while their immigration cases were processed. Biden also ordered that the construction of the border wall be immediately stopped.

Biden will repeal Title 42 next month. Title 42 currently allows for the expedited removal of illegal aliens who have tested positive for COVID. CNN reported last week, “Democratic senators growing increasingly concerned about the administration’s plan for repealing Trump-era border restrictions that prevented migrants from entering the US through Mexico,”

Regardless of what the White House claims, Congress did not create the border crisis. Joe Biden did it and continues to do so. It’s not difficult to imagine that Biden intended to send his “border plan” to Congress last January in the hope that it would be rejected by his fellow Democrats. This is because, like Biden, there are many Democrats who have invested in blocking effective border controls.

I have said it countless times before, this is a crisis of design.