Here is Proof, Western Leftist Want to Introduce Sex to Your Small Children


Leftists in the western part of the country are united despite their separation by large bodies of water. They share a common goal, which is cultural dominance. They want your children to be loyal foot soldiers for the cause. The left wants to control your children.

Today’s radical leftists are obsessed with grooming children. Their goal is to expose children to concepts they don’t believe they should be concerned with until their teens.

In Kentucky, a “sexy camp” was set up to teach children how to use illicit and licit drugs and to be sex workers.

Similar events are taking place across the pond, but it’s much larger than a handful of women running a child-sexualization factory. The theater will teach children about sex and masturbation.

This is for your children.

It is important to ask: What’s the ultimate goal of Is acceptance possible?

Acceptance would suffice. Then we could refer to homosexuality or transgenderism as a normal part of our society. It shouldn’t surprise children that they are exposed to it.

Children are more likely to imitate the behavior if they feel comfortable.

They believe they will. They hope so.

One might wonder who one will turn to to get the real experience. Maybe a friend. Or perhaps an adult who has earned their trust.

This is grooming. It’s a way to get your child to want to have sexual interaction with other people.

They don’t draw lines clearly and they don’t promise to.

This does not concern equality, education, or any other nonsense being used by these people. It is an attempt to allow pedophilia.