Is Randy Weingarten, Head of Teachers Union Protecting TikTok?


The Washington Post reported Wednesday, that Meta, Facebook’s parent company, paid Targeted Victory a GOP-aligned PR agency to “malign TikTok.” Many opinions exist on the ethics behind “placing editorials, letters to editors in major regional media outlets and promoting dubious stories about alleged TikTok Trends which actually originated from Facebook. This is done to attract local politicians and political reporters to help it take down its largest competitor. ”

Whitlock is likely to refer to the fact that TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is located in China. It has been closely scrutinized over the years for its connections with the Chinese Communist Party.

US officials have studied TikTok’s relationship with China for years. Biden signed an executive order revoking Trump’s attempts. Biden stated that the government should conduct a “rigorous, evidence-based analysis” in order to assess national security threats from outside the United States.

Experts stated that there were still concerns about TikTok’s relations with the United States, despite China’s recent crackdown on tech companies operating within its borders.

TikTok isn’t available in China. TikTok’s CEO and COO are based in Singapore, Los Angeles. Former and current employees told Insider that ByteDance’s Beijing office, commonly known as “HQ”, has the final say on product decisions.

Insider was told by an ex-staffer last month that there is a feeling in America where it feels helpless to make the same decisions like those made in China. To protect professional relationships, he spoke anonymously.

Randi Weingarten is the American Federation of Teachers’ chief. She is so keen to protect TikTok from Mark Zuckerberg when, according to her argument, Zuckerberg engages in competitive behavior via a PR firm that companies (and politicians!) use. Large sums are routinely paid for.

Here is Weingarten’s thread. It culminated in Weingarten asking that Facebook apologize to “America’s parents, students, and teachers”.

She cites Verge magazine’s article in which TikTok is seen as a pitiful pawn to misinformation. False threats spreading through the social media app led to schools being closed.

Threats to TikTok may be self-perpetuating. TikTok videos warn users not to attend school on December 17th due to alleged threats of shootings or bombings. These alleged threats may have inspired others to create similar videos. These videos are both based on claims and actual cancellations.

TikTok claims that it hasn’t identified videos that pose threats. TikTok tweeted on Thursday afternoon that it is working with law enforcement to investigate these warnings with “utmost severity.” ”

Weingarten finds it disturbing. He sees Facebook, a bully company, as trying to destroy competition by denigrating a struggling tech platform.

Ms. Weingarten’s title suggests that she would rather spend her time addressing American school turmoil. She would likely have more to worry about than one platform crossing anticompetitive lines.