Lefts Are the Culture War Aggressors


Last week, the footage was released of top Disney employees pledging their radical LGBTQ agenda for children’s programming. Latoya Raveneau (a Disney producer) stated that her team promotes a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” This includes programming targeted at children and trying to increase “queerness.” ” Karey Burke, Disney corporate president, stated that she is the mother to “one transgender and one pansexual child” as well that she would work towards a quota system that would see half of Disney characters be LGBTQ or people of color. Vivian Ware, Disney’s diversity and inclusion manager, stated that Disney’s beloved parks would eliminate any mentions of “ladies-and-gentlemen” or “boys/girls. ”

The controversy angered the Mouse House. Disney is a Left-winger when it comes to social issues. In the midst of heated debate surrounding Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill (which protects children from being taught about their sexual orientation), an angry group of employees made demands for management to be more loyal and handed the company to the most radical members.

People responded. #BoycottDisney became an internet trend. The Daily Wire promised $100 million to create safe content — content that was rooted in traditional values. Parents don’t have to prescreen messages for nonbinary 5-year-olds.

The Left got caught in the kiddie box and quickly turned its back on The Right, accusing them both of starting the culture war. Michelle Goldberg, The New York Times, said that Raveneau was just “stepping up” to defend the company’s LGBTQ friendliness and “stepping up” to become a national subject for right-wing fury and disgust. Raveneau’s injections of LGBTQ propaganda in children’s content were “sweetly compassionate.” Social Left thinks that anyone who supports traditional child-rearing and doesn’t want children to become targets of sexual propagandizing is the true cultural aggressor.

This is transparent lying. It’s a transparent lie. It wants cultural celebrations to reflect its sexual preferences. The Right is right to launch its latest culture wars. It proved that the Left’s agenda is a fabrication and that it targets the most vulnerable Americans.

Disney isn’t showing any signs that it will abandon the extremism of its all-hands meeting openly before the entire world.