Parents Won’t Believe What Biden Said About Kids in School


Now, I’m wondering what the Biden staff thinks when he speaks and lets loose. They must collectively hold their breath and hope that he doesn’t mess up too much. But unfortunately, their fears–frequently–are realized.

Biden made comments Wednesday at the White House event to honor the 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year.

He said then that he was going to go off the script. “My staff’s thinking Why aren’t you giving the speech that we gave you?

Biden told the teachers that he had to listen to their teachings as Senator Cardona did.

Miguel Cardona is his secretary for education. Biden forgot to give Cardona the title of his secretary in the cabinet. Cardona was not a senator.

Biden spoke next about learning, teaching, and students.

The Daily Pennsylvanian has compiled a list of Biden’s campus appearances. In November 2017, Biden was on campus to promote “Promise Me, Father.”

Other Biden visits include lectures and Q& As to Wharton graduate students, Q&As with UPenn officials, and public events featuring Felipe Calderon (ex-Mexican President) and Nick Clegg, ex-UK Deputy Prime Minister.

We all would love such a “hard-working” job!

Biden then pointed out the problem with leftist beliefs: that the children belong to the “village” or the government. “They’re all our children,” Biden says. He continues to say that the “children” belong to the teachers.

They are not your children. Joe, they’re your children.

They believe they can dictate what parents want. This is at the heart of many cultural conflicts.

Biden was referring to the “victims in the culture wars. “Teachers are the victims”.

Then he gave yet another reason why he decided to enter politics. The reason may change depending on the person he panders to.

Biden said, “I got involved in politics because abuses of power are the greatest sin a person can commit.” You have seen his actions and the way he used power. You can also use the Ministry of Truth, just like the liberal media did in 2020.

The golden moment of oratory finally arrived. He is so excited by each sentence.

“What was the reason why we led the world beginning around 19, 5, 6, and 7 and 8?” Biden said. What is he trying to say? At this point, if we’re always trying to figure out what he’s trying to say, we’re in big trouble. What must foreign governments think, when they see things like this? We have led the world — but how do we continue to do that with a man who can’t even coherently talk about it?