Starbucks And Carhartt Are Next On The Cancel Chopping Block


Starbucks Coffee employs 228,000 Americans in the United States. The company announced last week that it would no longer require employees not to get vaccinated in light of the Supreme Court’s decision declaring the mandate for vaccines unconstitutional.

As users expressed their disgust at Starbucks’ decision, #BoycottStarbucks became a trending hashtag on Twitter almost immediately

John Culver, Starbucks Chief Operating Officer, told employees in a memo that the company respected the ruling. However, it would not align with its beliefs.

Starbucks will not be the only company to scrap the vaccine mandate. Like Carhartt, the company that makes work clothes, Starbucks won’t be the only one to scrap the vaccine mandate.

Starbuck’s as well as Carhartt have their own opinions on vaccines. This is exactly what it should be. If workers in either company do not like the policy they can find another job.

Are we forgetting that freedom is about this? It is not easy to be truly free. It is not supposed to be. It is fundamental for Americans to be free to make their own decisions and not let the government make them.

Many want to remove that freedom from us and cite “safety”. Soon, we’ll give up so much freedom in exchange for safety that we won’t have either.