Trump Goes All in For A Candidate Accused of Sexual Assault


This month, former President Donald Trump’s aides made an explosive allegation: Charles Herbster (his endorsed candidate for Nebraska governor’s race and a long-standing donor, ally) had sexually assaulted eight women

Trump didn’t withdraw his support for Herbster nor cancel plans for a Nebraska rally for the candidate on Friday night. Trump said that Herbster wasn’t fighting back hard enough. He supported plans for Herbster to hold a press conference in which he would vigorously deny the allegations against him and push back on his opponents.

Herbster echoed the leader and called the allegations a “smear operation” that was based on the same “playbook” used to attack Trump, Supreme Court justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, when they were accused in the case of sexual misconduct.

Trump’s unflinching loyalty to Herbster, who was on the Trump White House Agriculture Panel and has known Herbster since 2005, is a striking illustration of Trump’s strong emphasis on loyalty.

Trump’s participation in this election is especially risky for Trump. He is known for being obsessed with his win-loss record during the GOP primaries. The Republican nominee, Brett Lindstrom, is still in the lead.

“It’s neck-and-neck,” said Ryan Horn, a Nebraska-based Republican strategist.

Trump’s affection for Herbster can be seen in the fact that he will not support any other candidate at Friday’s event. This is a departure from previous Trump rallies where he used multiple candidates to support him. Trump’s circle also points out that he has few close friends in Nebraska’s congressional delegation and statewide offices. He also has not endorsed any candidates in Nebraska.

He is a man who sticks to his word. He is not like that.

Matt Schlapp, a Trump ally and a frequent speaker at the rally, and Mike Lindell (the conspiracy theorist, pillow businessman, and election conspiracy theorist) will also be speaking. NASCAR hosts the rally at its halfway point between Lincoln and Omaha.

Despite his support, Herbster is facing aggressive opposition from Pete Ricketts, the Republican governor of the state who is term-limited and who has spent the last year calling Herbster unfit for office. Joe Ricketts, a billionaire TD Ameritrade founder, and Ricketts have contributed $600,000. They also jointly funded an outside group that airs antiherbster TV ads.

Pete Ricketts is co-chairman of the powerful Republican Governors Association. His family also owns Chicago Cubs. Ricketts is a regular in Pillen’s TV ads, which he supports. He donated $100,000 to Pillen’s campaign and flew with Pillen earlier in the year to support him.

Herbster, 67, denies the allegations against him that were a focus of the race. However, 66% of Republicans believe that it would make it difficult for the candidate to win your support.

Julie Slama, a state senator, was one of those who accused Herbster. She said that Herbster had pulled her skirt up at a Republican Party function in 2019 and The Nebraska Examiner reported that another witness confirmed Slama’s story.

Herbster claimed that he was invited later to Slama’s Dominican Republic wedding and that she asked for a contribution. These “don’t seem to be the normal responses for someone who has done something very, very wrong.”

Herbster brought a defamation case against Slama. Ricketts also was accused of orchestrating the accusations.

Ricketts replied in an interview that Ricketts believes it is absurd to think that eight people could be coordinated to speak with a reporter.

According to Trump’s aides, Trump is interested in the race, complaining about Rickett’s intense campaign to defeat him. Ricketts also claimed that he “never did anything for me.” To stop Trump’s 2016 win, the Ricketts spent hugely at first. The Ricketts have given millions of dollars to Trump since then.

The governor said that Trump and he have worked on many issues together and they are good friends. Ricketts stated, “We support two candidates.” He was not invited.

Herbster isn’t the only loyalist under siege Trump has offered his support. Trump claimed that Porter claimed he was innocent, and that he did “very good work” while at the White House.

Trump called O’Reilly an admirable person after he was accused of sexual harassment.

Trump’s close friends, who have been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 26 women, claim that Trump is skeptical about allegations of impropriety against candidates he backs. Trump believes that if he endorses someone, they will be the target of unsubstantiated allegations.

Michael Caputo stated, “I’ve been through thick-and-dry with Donald Trump and he’s always had my back.” Caputo was a well-known spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services in the Trump administration. However, he resigned after it became clear that he had made inflammatory tweets.

Herbster is a Trump ally. He was there when Trump first climbed the Trump Tower elevator. He was also present at Trump’s 2021 Capitol Riot rally.

The race is nearing its end. The main question for Nebraska Republicans is whether Trump’s Friday night visit to Nebraska will make him the winner in a race that is almost tied. There is evidence that Trump’s support can be a long-term advantage for candidates. J.D. was supported by the former president. J.D., a Hillbilly Elegy author who is also a venture capitalist, supported J.D. His poll numbers soared following Vance’s election to the Ohio GOP Senate Primary.

Herbster stated that “No one, none of the Republican Party members have ever generated enthusiasm like Donald J. Trump.”