White House Goes Thelma and Louise on Soul Crushing Inflation Report


You most likely live in the United States, and you buy many products and services every day. This Tuesday’s news isn’t necessary to inform you that inflation is out of control. Americans have been paying high prices at the gas station, grocery stores, as well as their electric bills for years.

However, things can get worse and middle-class families are seeing some of the most severe cost increases.

The latest inflation numbers clock in at 8.5% year-over-year (a figure that is misleadingly low considering what items are purchased most often) is extremely crushing. This is not only because it tells us what March 2022 will look like, but also because it shows that the trend isn’t slowing. You don’t have to be worried about things right now. Just wait until the summer months.

The White House is now going full Thelma & Louise and pedaling down the cliff, all this information is out there. Instead of empathizing with Americans, and trying to promote policies that lower cost, the administration accuses anyone who criticizes them of being agents of the Kremlin.

Jesse Lee was a senior economic advisor for Joe Biden and pushed the “Putin’s Price Hike” falsehood while suggesting that GOP Sen. Rick Scott is doing Russia’s bidding.

It’s called “continuing to double down” on a message that people are clearly not buying. Insanity is the Biden administration’s mantra. Jen Psaki repeated the same line just a day before this horrendous inflation report was published. The White House desperately tries to shift the blame for getting us here, but all they have is shouting “Russia” repeatedly.

While you can blame Russia for some of the recent increases in gas prices, all other factors have been rising steadily for over a year. This was even before Putin’s invasion. The inflation rate was seven percent as of December 2021. This is a shocking number and three times that of the average rate. Russia did not do that.

It is insulting to all intelligence that the White House continues to promote this “Putin’s Price Hike” garbage. After Joe Biden’s election, the current cycle of inflation began. After he and his party passed American Rescue Plan, a $2 Trillion boondoggle that overheated America’s economy, the inflationary cycle accelerated. The $1,200 check was a gift to Americans, but inflation has caused increased costs for thousands of Americans. Is that a fair trade-off?

This is the idiocy and economic policy of the Democrats on full display. And, as I said, nobody is buying the excuses. Ronald Klain is pretending Americans are too dumb to understand how great the economy really is.

They need to keep it up because it will lead to a complete wipeout in November. Biden and his aides should keep their heads down. They might think that if they shout about Russia loudly enough, people will believe that they didn’t pay $6 for a pound of ground beef. Their political car will go over the cliff and I’ll be laughing with them. However, unlike Louise and Thelma, I doubt that the Biden administration will be a symbol of self-immolation.